Fine Art:
Over the years I have been creating, my art has evolved from exclusively using oil paint on canvas to be more exploratory and include collage, pencil, pen and acrylic paint on wood panels.
Subject matter for my work varies and is usually inspired or derived from my photos of long shadows on sunny days and colorful, everyday objects. I especially enjoy using bright colors and I have a tendency to paint in a style that leans towards impressionism or graphic illustration. Recently, I have enjoyed the style of abstract minimalism that allows me to focus on color and pushing paint around until it feels balanced and alive. I feel that my graphic design training has had an undeniable influence on my current work and has aided in my understanding of color theory and layout. 
Graphic Design:
Being able to quickly develop creative concepts or ideas, and successfully convey core goals and messaging adds great value to my abilities as a designer. 
Years of design experience with strong listening and communication skills helps me effectively manage multiple projects from concept to completion, including meeting tight deadlines and budgets.
I genuinely enjoy doing what I do and this brings passion as part of my motivation. Seeing projects that I’ve worked on come to life always inspires me to keep creating and pushing myself to continue to deliver high quality designs.
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